Photography by Daniel Lacroix


One day in Mississippi, I was walking on the beautiful sand beach as the sun was coming down, and I noticed  foot prints. The light was beautiful with striking patterns and shadows. This is the magical time a photographer is

looking for. But I saw more than the light or the shadows. I became aware of the impact of the prints into the sand. I imagined every grain of sand filled with the vibration of the person whose prints they belong to. How many people, how many souls have stepped on that sand? How many vibrations are imprinted into that sand? The experience is the same when you walk in the woods or on stones and rocks. It is the same with the trees we touch and the water we swim in. Our vibration is imprinted into all matter for as long as our world will be here, and maybe beyond that. Who really knows?

How many times have you walked somewhere, in the woods, the beach, the mountains  and you have had a feeling

you were there before.Or maybe if this is your belief you have felt you were someone else there in another life or time and that you are experiencing at that moment a memory of the past. You might be feeling the energy, the vibration of someone who was at that place a long time ago. If you are sensitive, listening, centered, humble and fully enjoying that moment, you might be able to feel those vibrations of the past.

Whatever are our beliefs, I  believe that we sense, feel and are being affected by the vibrations left by others on this earth and even in the whole universe. If this is true, can you imagine how much knowledge and information is imprinted into everything we see, touch and feel? That includes positive and negative energies. It makes me more aware of how we need to be more conscious about everything we think, do or say.  Do we want our future generations to feel our positive, creative, loving, caring, sensitive energy or our “I do not care” negative energy.

So if this is new to you, take the time to hold a stone in your hand, or stand on a rock, or sit on the sand or a piece of wood. Allow yourself to feel what a privilege it is to be able to feel that vibration like so many before you have done. Feel and love what you are touching; listen, learn and share it with others. Ask for all the pain, trauma,

and negative energy to leave at that moment and let your love and the love of  the light of your soul feel this place you are in for eternity.

It is hard to be always aware and conscious. It is hard for me, and I am hopping that by sharing these thoughts with

you, I will be able to be more present in all that I do. I hope that I will leave here on this earth knowledge, creativity, love and messages of hope for the generations to come. Maybe someone one day will hold a stone or walk in the sand on a beach and have visions of you and me. I want to believe that a smile, a tear of joy, a feeling of strength and hope will come to the heart and soul of that person and share like I share today the message to continue bringing awareness to humanity.

We are story tellers. We can share with music, art, writing, or simply tell the story, your story. Because you are unique, you are special and as important as anyone else. The generations to come need your story for the world to learn, grow and evolve. The world needs your imprint of energy and love more today than ever.

Daniel Lacroix


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