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In my work as a Myofascial Release Massage Therapist, I help people every day who are dealing with chronic pain, stress, and injuries as well as cancer patients and others who have serious health challenges. Often for these people, dreams and creativity are missing from their lives.

I have always enjoyed photography and years ago decided to share my gifts and art work at my office for my clients to see. I was surprised to learn that this inspired many of them to do the same in their lives. Some are dreaming again and some are creating art work even though they had thought this was something they weren’t gifted enough to do.

Each day of my life, I discover that I have many more gifts to share than I thought I did. My office is a healing place where my photography, art work, murals, and decorations remind myself and others that you don’t have to be born an artist in order to bring creativity into your life.

I hope you enjoy these photos and check back regularly for new ones to be posted along with news articles that I would like to share. I also hope you will be inspired to discover your own hidden gifts within and share them with a world that is in so much need of this beauty today.

Daniel Lacroix

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