I was bicycling this morning, thinking of the coming total solar eclipse tomorrow. I am invited to a friend farm to watch the eclipse. She asked me if I could say a prayer. So I was in the country riding alone, thinking of a prayer to share, asking for guidance. What came to me is a meditation that I want to share with you.

We all have been hearing so much about this coming total solar eclipse. We bought special glasses and lenses for cameras. Million of people all over the world are waiting and following this once in our lifetime event. For us in the US it is happening right here at home. For us in the Midwest, it will be right over our own heads in many places. We have been living all over the world time of deep fear, anxiety, hatred, wars and so much more. The human race is so divided and confused. I have seen friends and families suffering from all that has been happening. But in the last few weeks and days, millions of people have been focusing on this amazing event of this total solar eclipse. The moon passing in between the sun and earth in such a perfect path.

I do not know if you realized like I did today that tomorrow for a few minute most of the human race will be observing somewhere in nature, or in their own cities, or on televisio this little ball in the universe passing in front of the sun. It will be darkness, but the halo of yellow light around the moon will remind us that it is in the deepest darkness that we find the light. It doesn’t matter what race we are, what gender, what political ideas we have, what religion. Tomorrow for an instant, it will not matter. The human race will join together guided by the light behind the darkness.

At this perfect moment, this powerful vibration will touch everyone of us as one. But what about us who believe in a better world and have faith that peace can be on the human race. Us who believe that only LOVE can heal. Us who believe that only kindness from the heart can touch millions. This moment is given to all of us to share our prayers, our love and kindness, our words and vibration of peace.

So I am asking you to share this message to all your friends, and join me tomorrow, rain or shine, to join the human race, united for an instant to witness this mystery of the creation. Join me in sending prayers, love, kindness, peace, hope, joy and light to heal the human race and the world we live in.

Lets make this few minutes of our lives tomorrow to touch the world for eternity.


Daniel Lacroix

August 20 2017

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